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Ribeira Market is already part of Lisbon since 1882, when it opened for the first time. However, in 2014, the site has undergone a complete renovation that brought another life into this space. The project, led by the Time Out Lisboa magazine, has already completed its first phase. Since May 2015, it is open to the public a unique gastronomic space where visitors can find traditional foods of Portugal, as well as more international options – such as sushi and burgers.

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The point became a mandatory stop for foreigners and Portuguese people. In fact, it is a great place, either to repeat a dish you already like or to try something new. The options are the most diverse, from snacks to desserts, as also good wine and beer.

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On average, a meal should cost between € 8 and € 15. These are not extremely inviting values ​​- taking into consideration what a person usually pays for a meal in Portugal – but they are not expensive either, especially considering the quality of the dishes.

Talking about quality, there are some restaurant in the market run by chefs who have made the name – and win Michelin stars – in other projects. This applies to the Tartar-ia by Dieter Koschina and Chicken All Around by Miguel Laffan. But beware, the options do not stop there. The space, which is on the first floor, has about 30 restaurants. In the middle, several benches accommodate all the customers.


mercado da ribeira



Time Out Mercado da Ribeira – Informations

Address:  Av. 24 de julho, 49 – Lisboa

Working hours: Sunday to Wednesday – 10am to 12am; Thursday to Saturday -10am to 02am


Well worth the visit!



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