Pena Palace – the treasure of Sintra

One of the seven wonders of Portugal, by the Ministry of Culture. Part of the Serra de Sintra which is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. One of the 10 places in the world that look like they belong in a fairy tale, by the website TripAdvisor. “The most complete and notable example of Portuguese architecture of Romanticism,” by the Municipality of Sintra. There are several recognitions to the exuberance of the Pena Palace, which makes justice to all these titles. Proof of this is the fact of being the most visited monument in the country last year (2013).


Palácio da Pena - Foto: Guillaume70 (Wikimedia Commons)Pena Palace – Photo: Guillaume70 (Wikimedia Commons)

Being located at the top of the Serra de Sintra, it is possible to see the palace from far, but up close is better observed the magnitude of the work, well worth the visit. The palace is located within the Parque da Pena, so after going through the ticket office is necessary to follow a path to the entrance. There are two options, the first is to hop on a train that costs € 2.00 (roundtrip) and the second is to walk up.


Transporte para o Palácio da Pena - Foto: Georges Jansoone (Wikimedia Commons)Train to Pena Palace – Photo: Georges Jansoone (Wikimedia Commons)

On the outside, the palace has bright colors and a mix of architectural styles. The interior draws the attention to detail, from the frescos on the walls to the furniture. Everything is very luxurious and refined. Regarding the visit, it is worth highlighting the High Altar from the XVI  century and was the only left of the old building  after the earthquake of 1755. The Queen’s Terrace has the best view of palace architecture and the pictures will look great here!


Vista do Terraço da Rainha - Palácio da PenaQueen’s Terrace View – Pena Palace

Interior - Palácio da PenaInside Pena Palace

In Sintra you can also visit, the Moorish Castle, the National Palace of Sintra, the Palace of Monserrate, the Convent of the Capuchos and try some ‘travesseiros’ at Piriquita.


Brief History of the Pena Palace

The first building at the site was a chapel, which later in the XVI century  was reconstructed and donated to the Order of St. Jerome by Manuel I. The 1755 earthquake left the convent in ruins and only later in the XIX  century King consort Fernando II of Portugal built the Palace of Pena. When he died, the place was inherited by his  wife, Elisa Hendler, Countess of Edla. In 1889 the Portuguese government, at the behest of Luis I, purchased the monument. During the reign of Carlos I, the palace was often inhabited by the royal family, was preferred by Amelia de Orleãens. With the establishment othe Republic of Portugal, the palace was converted to museum. The full story can be found on the website of Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua.

Palácio da Pena em ConstruçãoPena Palace under construction


Pena Palace – Information


When visiting, worth checking the opening times once it changes according to the time of the year.

Ticket for adults (18 – 64 yrs) – 11,50 euros

Ticket for youths (6 – 17 yrs) – 9 euros

Ticket for seniors (over 65 yrs) – 10 euros

*We recommend people to check all the information on the Palace´s website before visiting. Most of them can be changed at any time.

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