Loucamente: an exhibition on the wellness of mind

Loucamente (Madly in Portuguese) is a temporary exhibition of the Pavilhão do Conhecimento in Lisbon that will be open to visitors until September, 2015. The topic, wellness of the mind, although complex it was explored in a very interactive and positive way. The goal is to demystify mental disorders in order to exchange the prejudice by knowledge.



The exhibition is quite informative in the approach of the concepts, symptoms and treatments of these diseases, especially for those who do not have a deep knowledge on the topic. Worth going in a less busy day, if possible, avoiding the weekends. This because some activities are meant for one or a few people at a time. The interesting point is that more than just explain concepts it also makes possible to experience  some symptoms that these people feel. In addition there are also testimonials from patients who tell they deal with the disease.


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The whole experience is very interactive , visitors are invited to try, to experience and to know various aspects of these disorders. The activities are quite varied, ranging from the sensation of hearing voices inside our head to understand the phobia of height with a virtual reality goggles. On the exhibition website there is a a descriptive of what can be done during a visit to “Loucamente”. Below:



• Experiencing in a safe environment how people feel about certain mental disorders

• Simulate the sensation of hearing voices from all sides

• Enter the room of phobias and in the barbershop of psychosis

• Testing the perception of your body in the mirror of self-esteem

• Let go your problems in the crusher concerns

• Committing healthy follies, like dancing a song inspired by madness

• Discover how the experts at each time treated depression and schizophrenia

• Test your knowledge about diseases and mental wellness

• Learn about mental disorders and their treatments

• Listen to testimonies of Portuguese patients about their mental illnesses and how they deal with them

• Test your memory and the way in which you perceive emotions

• Face a forest of frightening situations

• Represent in front of a mirror the emotion indicated by the mask, using the body

• Express your feelings drawing with water”




The exhibition was produced through a partnership between the Pavilhão do Conhecimento (Pavilion of Knowledge) (Lisbon), Heureka (Helsinki) and Universcience (Paris). “Loucamente” was distinguished by the Leading Edge Award for the best experience to the public, awarded by the International Association ASTC (Association of Science Technology Centers). The jury highlighted the open and innovative way the theme, challenging the audience to think about the issue from another perspective.


“Loucamente: an exhibition on the wellness of the mind” – Information

Site: http://www.pavconhecimento.pt/

 Local: Pavilion of Knowledge

Alameda dos Oceanos, Lote 2.10.01

1990-223 Lisboa

Tickets: The tickets for the exhibition are included in the tickets for the Pavilhão do Conhecimento -Pavilion of Knowledge.

Adults (+ 18 years) – 8 euros

Kids/Teenagers (6-17 years) – 5 euros

Kids (3-5 years) – 4 euros

Until 2 years (including) – Free

Senior (+ de 65 years) – 5 euros

Working Time:  Tuesday to Friday: 10am to 6pm

Weekends and Holiday: 11am to 7pm
Last entrance for groups: 4:30pm

Closes on Mondays, December 24th-25th, December 31th and January 1st.

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