Ericeira SUP: an incredible way to explore the region

The Stand Up Paddle – SUP is a water sport that is becoming quite popular, gaining more followers each day. The sport consists in stand up on a board and, unlike surfing, using an oar as na instrument of propulsion. As it does not depend on waves to its practice, the SUP is adaptable to various water levels. It is as well a very complete and fun workout.

Nowadays you can find many places that rent equipment and offer training for this sport. However, a few kilometers from Lisbon, we found the perfect spot. Ericeira is a Fisherman’s Village, with excellent cuisine and beautiful beaches. It was the first place in Europe to become World Surfing Reserve, now being a zone of protected waves. What a pleasant and conducive way to get around and meet these amazing beaches, than on a board?


The Ericeira SUP is a company that provides various types of experiences on a Stand Up Paddleboard. Workshops, events, tours and even yoga on the board. Michel Amaro, the project mentor, has all the necessary experience and training in the sports field, and more than a decade of practicing SUP. The Ericeira SUP tours are quite relaxed and instructions are fairly straightforward, so that in a few minutes, all participants are able to stand up and enjoy the ride. Moreover, security is always a priority and everything is done in a very professional manner.


The most beginners can start the practice with experience in the river or on the Pescadores beach. As water is usually calmer in these areas, the practice becomes easier. For those who want a little more adventure, it is possible to do a tour on the reserve, do an experiment on the sea or go for a full day tour with 2 SUP sessions. The more experienced with previous practice in Stand Up Paddle, can choose to surf waves with this board. The Ericeira SUP tours have included all the necessary equipment to practice the sport. Now just choose the tour that suits better to you, and enjoy the good weather to explore this amazing region! 😉


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