Chapel of Bones – a creepy tour in Evora

Evora is a city that besides being very well preserved, has in its historical center, many points of interest. Among monuments, and churches, the Chapel of Bones stands out as one of the most visited places in the city. We can even say that, for being such a singular place, arouses curiosity.


What is unique about this chapel is the fact that its walls and pillars are covered with human bones and skulls. It is estimated that the local shelter bones of over 5,000 monks. In addition to this “decoration”, the vaults of the Chapel of Bones has paints related to death. It may seem creepy and in fact the signal in the door that says “We bones that here stay for yours we wait” reinforces this perception. However, the goal of those who built the place was not to scare people.


History of the Chapel of Bones, Evora

In the sixteenth century, the region of Evora had 42 cemeteries. These spaces were strategic and some were willing to use them for other purposes. In this scenario, the Franciscan monks of the time, found a solution that meant not only solve the problem, but also transmit a message. The idea was to remember the mortality of man and the temporality of the material world, points related to the celebration of death, typical of the baroque period they were living. This movement gained strength in the south of the country, where there are even other Chapel of Bones, such as Faro, Campo Maior and Monforte.



Other places to visit

Taking advantage of the visit to Chapel of Bones, we also recommend other interesting points of the city like such as the Cathedral of Évora, the Roman Temple of Évora, the Museum of Évora and the Forum Eugenio de Almeida.

Capelo dos Ossos, Evora – Information

Location: Praça 1 de maio (the chapel is inside the São Francisco Church)

Working hours: 09:00am – 12:45pm | 2:30pm – 5:30pm

Sunday – Open at 10am

Tickets: Adults – 2€

 Studants | Reformed – 1,50€

 To take photos – 1€

Contact: +351 266 704 521

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