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Santini Ice Cream – One of the best in the world!

With over six decades of history, Santini ice cream is already a tradition in Cascais and Lisbon. "A unique taste", "one of the best ice creams in the world" and "food of the gods" are some descriptions given by customers on TripAdvisor. The story begins in 1949 when...

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Lisbon with Kids – 10 tours to have fun with the children

Visit Lisbon with kids can be fun. Check out our suggestions for tours and enjoy: Oceanário de Lisboa - Lisbon Oceanarium The Oceanário de Lisboa - Lisbon Oceanarium is one of those places that surprises its visitors, whether by the size or by the range of species. To...

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Food Court – Time Out Mercado da Ribeira

Ribeira Market is already part of Lisbon since 1882, when it opened for the first time. However, in 2014, the site has undergone a complete renovation that brought another life into this space. The project, led by the Time Out Lisboa magazine, has already completed...

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Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument of Discoveries)

The Padrão dos Descobrimentos (or Monument to the Discoveries) is part of the famous view of Belém, in a prominent position on the edge of the Tagus River. The monument consists in a stylized caravel. At the bow appears the figure of Henrique the Navigator, with a...

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11 different ideas to Valentine´s Day in Portugal

UPDATE: If you need tips for Valentine's Day of 2016, click here. This post was about 2015.   No ideas for the Valentine´s day? Check out our list of different ideas to Valentine´s Day in Portugal! Music Festival of Valentine's Day Concert series that will happen...

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10 programs to enjoy Christmas in Lisbon

Hey! This post has the program for Christmas in Lisbon of 2014. If you want to see the program for 2015, click here! We chose 10 programs to enjoy Christmas in Lisbon so you can enjoy the best this season has to offer! 1) Christmas lighting in the city On November 28...

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Loucamente: an exhibition on the wellness of mind

Loucamente (Madly in Portuguese) is a temporary exhibition of the Pavilhão do Conhecimento in Lisbon that will be open to visitors until September, 2015. The topic, wellness of the mind, although complex it was explored in a very interactive and positive way. The goal...

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Boca do Inferno in Cascais

One of the most famous places to visit in Cascais is "Boca do Inferno" (portuguese for "Hell´s Mouth"- literal translation), this is a unique rock formation on the edge of the ocean. It is believed this place use to be a cave that over time and by the force of the sea...

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Pena Palace – the treasure of Sintra

One of the seven wonders of Portugal, by the Ministry of Culture. Part of the Serra de Sintra which is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. One of the 10 places in the world that look like they belong in a fairy tale, by the website TripAdvisor. "The most complete and...

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8 “strange” foods of Portuguese cuisine

Firstly it is worth mentioning that when we say "strange" dishes of Portuguese cuisine we refer to a more literal sense of the word, in that strange means unfamiliar or different, considering the habits of other people in the world. Moreover, the fact of not being...

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Museu Coleção Berardo – modern art in Lisbon

In the heart of Belém there is the Museum Coleção Berardo. Between many famous tourist spots in the region, such as the Jeronimos Monastery and the Monument of the Discoveries, the museum ends up going unnoticed by some unaware tourists. What is unfortunate in view of...

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