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Lisbon hosts stunning views, unique cuisine and amazing monuments. On board our Electric Tuk Tuk we want to show you the essence of this city in a genuine and passionate way, through fun and unforgetable experiences.

Lisbon offers a wide variety of programs, but our goal is to show you the authentic lifestyle of the city. This is a traditional yet cosmopolitan city. The great monuments contrast with the narrow alleys, both with a lot of history. With this much diversity, we will find a Lisbon that is going to enhance you!

Let’s explore Lisbon in an Electric Tuk Tuk or walking by the narrow streets. Discover our tours or contact us, we can personalize your experience according to your preferences.

We invite you to Live Portugal! Let’s go?

Why Choose an Electric Tuk Tuk?

The most creative way to explore Lisbon is on board an Electric Tuk Tuk. We offer sightseeing tours customized as a private experience. A Tuk Tuk is the best way to ride the hills of Lisbon having time to discover each detail.

What our clients have to say about us?

“We have learned to know Lisbon in every possible way: cultural, historical, ‘couleur locale’, beautiful sights thanks to Ana, our charming guide with an incredible knowledge about all these items.”

Philip C.

“I really cannot recommend enough […], you will not be disappointed, we had a tour and we really learnt a lot of the culture and different parts of the towns, you see a lot more in a Tuk Tuk”

Sue B.

“A Tuk Tuk should be part of everyone’s schedule in Portugal. We simply loved the tour […] it took us in places where buses does not go. The vehicle was electric, silent and very confortable.”

Laura T.

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