Typical Village of José Franco

Portugal is known not just for being a country with many traditions but also to have people who really strive to keep them. The Typical Village of José Franco is a good proof of that good fame.

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José Franco was a sculptor and a pottery master who in 1945 had the idea to build a living museum to show the customs, labor activities and other aspects of rural life in his time. The result is this typical village with around 2,500 m² that draws attention not only to preserve the memory of an Era but also for the perfectionism that small details were worked out.

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The current structure includes windmill, chapel, carpentry shop, grocery store, kitchen, cellar, school, some shops and the house of a farmer, among some other places. There is also a miniature version of a village with ingenious structures powered by water. It’s definitely a tour that delights children!

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The village is approximately 40 minutes from Lisbon by car, is located in the municipality of Mafra and has free admission. During the visit worth trying the bread with sausage (pão com chouriço), it is very tasty! There is also an onsite shop selling handmade pottery from around the country.

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Thank you Bernardo Nunes for the amazing pictures!


Typical Village of José Franco – Information

Address: Estrada Nacional 116 – Sobreiro – 2640-578 – MAFRA

Site: http://aldeiatipicajfranco.pt/

Tel: (+351) 261 815 420

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