Portugal is one of the countries with the best bakery. Many of portuguese small towns have their own dessert, from the famous Pastel de Belém to the fradinho of Mafra, pies of Azeitão, among others. One of the most popular options for tourists is the travesseiros of Sintra (travesseiro means pillow in portuguese).

The Piriquita is the main factory of travesseiros, also these are often referred to as the ‘Travesseiros of Piriquita’. Those who visit Sintra should try them at Piriquita. Such as the Pastéis de Belém, the fact that they are manufactured there and served still warm makes all the difference. The sweet is made of puff pastry with a filling of almond cream, but the taste one cannot describe, you really need to taste it.


The Piriquita is already considered a landmark in Sintra and must stop for tourists visiting this charming village. Open since 1862, the establishment became famous for its queijadas. Piriquita currently has two units, one right of the main entrance of the alley of Sintra and the other on the same street but higher up – just keep going.

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