The Sanctuary of Christ-King

The Christ-King is one of the monuments that compose the look of the city of Lisbon. The famous view of the Tagus, with 25 de Abril Bridge and the Christ form a very familiar scenario for local and even for tourists. However, the most beautiful view is most likely of those in the monument. On the other side of the river you can see the city of Lisbon and their most famous sights, from Belém all the way to Park of Nations, obviously passing through the historic center.


cristo rei


The National Sanctuary of Christ-King, known just as Christ-King is a religious monument dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As soon as you arrive, while passing through the host building toward the viewpoint beneath Christ, there is a Via Crucis with 14 stations. Each one has a huge cross, in addition to a gospel passage which suggests to think over. After entering the monument, still on the ground level you can see some chapels with paintings open to the public.




The tour continues to the high point of the visit: the terrace of the Christ-King. The elevator rises almost to the top, but we still need to go through some very narrow stairs. Coming up there, the visitor comes across a souvenirs shop and above the terrace with the image of Christ. The site is surrounded by a railing to protect visitors and is quite windy. The image alone is 28 meters but along with the other 82 meters of pedestal form one of the tallest monuments in Lisbon, providing a unique perspective. Well worth the visit!




This is a nice place to stop by in an one day trip to Évora, from Lisbon. In Évora you may want to visit the Roman Temple, the Chapel of Bones and the Sé Cathedral. If you are in a mood for some shopping, the Freeport Outlet is a on your way to Évora too.


Brief history of the Monument of Christ-King

In 1934 the Patriar there existsch of Lisbon, Manuel Gonçalves Cerejeira, visited Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. By knowing the Christ the Redeemer statue felt inspired to build a similar monument in Lisbon. In 1936, Cardinal conveyed this idea to the Apostleship of Prayer Movement that received with much enthusiasm, and subsequently also well received by the other bishops in the country.

In the socio-political context, the monument to Christ the King was also represents the fulfillment of a vow made ​​by the Portuguese episcopate gathered at Fatima in 1940 this time, was asked God to keep Portugal away from World War II. Having thus been fulfilled this request, the monument was built. Despite not being present anymore the war context , the call for peace is still actual. The Sanctuary invites visitors to give their contribution to peace both in society but also in the family environment.

The full story can be read at the National Shrine of Christ-King site.


National Shrine of Christ-King

Address: Alto do Pragal, Av. Cristo Rei, 2800-058 Almada


Working time:

Winter – weekdays / weekend 9:30pm to 6:15pm (time of the last climb 6pm)

Summer – Weekdays: 9:30am to 6:30pm (time of the last climb 6:15pm) / Weekend: 9:30pm to 7pm (time of the last climb 6:45pm)

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