The Pastéis de Belém are famous worldwide and are an icon of Portugal. The flavor certainly deserves the fame. The dessert is made ​​of cream in a puff pastry base and has the original recipe kept secret. You can eat the Pastel de Nata (name of the desert) in many cafes and restaurants in Portugal, but the Pastéis de Belém are incomparable (it is even a registered trademark). In addition to being the original one, it has the advantage of being served where they are manufactured. Who already proved one knows the fact of being warm makes all the difference. There are also always on the table sugar and cinnamon, which many people like to sprinkle on top of the dessert.


Now the place has several rooms to meet the amount of people who pass by each day. There is often a line to take seats (do not worry, usually does not take too long). Inside there is a room that has one wall of glass where you can see the production. For those who do not want to eat there, there is also the possibility to take-away.



Brief history of Pastéis de Belém

After the liberal revolution, the religious orders were banned from the country in 1834 and the monks of the Jerónimos Monastery had no jobs. In this situation, an anonymous monk had the idea to start selling these desserts, which at the time were sold in a small shop attached to a sugar refinery which stood there. Some years later, in 1837, the site officially opened its doors as Pastéis de Belém and production began to be taken all there. The legend says the original recipe of that time is the same today.


At the time Belem and Lisbon were distant, but the Tower of Belem and the Jerónimos Monastery attract many visitors, who soon got used to also stop at Pastéis de Belém. Even today, many people visit Belem especially to try this desert! After all, how to resist?



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