Algarve is a region of exceptional natural heritage.

Hot and dry summers and mild winters attract thousands of tourists, both Portuguese and foreign, throughout the year. The coast bathed by warm and calm waters that invite for a swim. Breathtaking landscapes, make this region the most visited in the country.

However  Algarve is not only beach … The historical and gastronomic heritages are also very rich.
There is much to visit and so much to see, but I’ll focus on the most wanted: the beaches of the Algarve.

Algarve´s coast has beautiful beaches, small and large, well-known or  unknown. Sometimes the best thing to do is ask the locals or the fishermen what are the most beautiful places to visit.



This is the city of one of the Algarve’s most famous beaches: Praia da Rocha. It owes its name to the rocks that lie between the sand and the sea. Walking through the sand to the west you will find the beach of the Three Castles, Praia do Vau and Praia do Alemão. In Vau it´s possible climb the cliffs and hike the tracks that provide us a fantastic view over the sea.

trilho pelas arribasHike over the beach (37°07’11.9″ -8°33’52.8″)

Paisagem sobre as arribas e o marSightseeing over the sea (37°07’9.5″ -8°33’54.4″)

Falésia com vista para uma pequena praiaCliff over a small beach (37°07’8.9″ -8°33’56.8″)

Vista para as praias de Portimão

Overlooking the beaches of Portimão (37°07’3.3″ -8°34’0.6″)

(37°06'56.3 -8°34'1.1)(37°06’56.3″ -8°34’1.1″)

(37°06'57.5 -8°34'3.1)(37°06’57.5″ -8°34’3.1″)

Vista sobre a Praia dos Três Castelos

Overlooking the Praia dos Três Cavalos (37°07’5.2″ -8°32’49.3″)

Pôr-do-sol - Praia dos Três Castelos (37°07'4.7 -8°32'44.5)Sunset in Praia dos Três Cavalos (37°07’4.7″ -8°32’44.5″)

Praia do Vau (37°07'8.0 -8°33'16.5)Vau Beach (37°07’8.0″ -8°33’16.5″)


In the city of Lagoa is the iconic Praia da Marinha with its impressive arches over the sea. Considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe and one of the 100 most beautiful in the world by the Michelin Guide. From here for the more adventurous, it´s possible go track that lead us to Benagil beach where we can marvel at the Algar Benagil.

Praia da MarinhaMarinha Beach (37°05’20.6″ -8°24’56.9″)

Algar de BenagilAlgar de Benagil (37°05’13.7″ -8°25’25.1″)


Lagos is a must see. Know the famous Praia Dona Ana, considered the most beautiful beach in the world by the prestigious Spanish magazine ‘Conde Nast Traveller’, then follow the trail to the cliffs beautiful Praia do Camilo and give a little jump to the Ponta da Piedade.

Praia Dona AnaPraia Dona Ana (37°05’28.3″ -8°40’11.1″)

Praia Dona Ana 2Praia Dona Ana (37°05’28.6″ -8°40’10.5″)

Praia Dona Ana 3Praia Dona Ana (37°05’30.0″ -8°40’9.0″

Gruta na Praia Dona Ana que dá acesso a uma pequena praiaPraia da Dona Ana cave which gives access to a small beach (37°05’25.8″ -8°40’10.6″)

Paisagens deslumbrantes podem ser apreciadas enquanto se segue o trilho até à Praia do CamiloBreathtaking landscapes can be enjoyed while following the trail to Camilo Beach (37 ° 05’24.7 “-8 ° 40’11.9”)

(37°05'15.7 -8°40'9.3)(37°05’15.7″ -8°40’9.3″)

(37°05'15.4 -8°40'7.8)(37°05’15.4″ -8°40’7.8″)

Praia do CamiloCamilo Beach (37°05’14.4″ -8°40’8.6″)

Praia do Camilo 2Camilo Beach  (37°05’14.3″ -8°40’7.4″)

Ponta da PiedadePonta da Piedade (37°04’48.2″ -8°40’6.7″)

Um passeio de barco pelas grutas de Lagos vale sempre a pena.A boat ride through the caves of Lagos is always worthwhile.


Albufeira is the Algarve fun city, but it also has beautiful beaches.

AlbufeiraOura Beach (37°04’59.5″ -8°14’3.7″)

The Algarve or any other region is only discovered by exploring, talking to local people, walking around …

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