Algar de Benagil – an amazing cave in Algarve!

Algar de Benagil is one of the most widespread locals when the subject is the Algarve beaches, including the international press. No surprises, this beach / cave is incredibly beautiful.


Let us start by clarifying that this place is actually a grotto, that means it is a natural cavity. This specifically is called grotto, or algar in portuguese, of Benagil and it is located close to the Benagil Beach.

How to get to Algar de Benagil?

The access is only by water, even though there are some options to get there:

The first, easiest and most comfortable, is by boat. Tours leave from several beaches nearby and include this and other caves around. These tour for example, leaves from Portimão. We choose this option and we could not be more satisfied. The negative point of the boat is that you can not get off the boat.


Another option is to rent a kayak, usually the same companies that have the boat tours also rent this equipment. The average price is € 20 for a 2 person kayak during 1 hour. A good alternative for the undecided ones is to make a boat tour and then if you think it’s worth, rent a kayak.


Another alternative would be swim. It is certainly something that we do not recommend for those who have no experience in swimming in the ocean. Despite the fact that the Algar of Benagil is relatively close to the beach the route can become dangerous in days of rough seas given the rocky coast.

algar de benagil

For those who live or will spend several days in Algarve, may be worth contacting the company you choose for the tour and ask how the sea appears to be. This because in some days the sea is quite transparent, and others not so much. This variant can make your tour even more beautiful.


Another beautiful tour to do near Algar de Benagil is the Ponta da Piedade. This is about 30 minutes by car. Is worth remembering that this beach has been distinguished by the American newspaper Huffington Post as possibly the most beautiful beach in the world.


The photographs of Algar de Benagil in this post were kindly provided by Miguel Teotónio from Beja. You can also see some more on his page! Worth it;)

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